Admission to Shefield Montessori School is based on the policies contained herein:


To comply with state law requirements for private school, students attending JAMCA are required to satisfy attendance requirements in accordance to the Florida statutes 1003.01 (13) and 1003.21 (1). For further information visit in Title XL VIII, K-20 Education Code. School is in session a minimum of 180 days; this is a Florida State law. Students are expected to attend school every day. The willful failure of the parent to fulfill this responsibility is a violation of our states criminal laws.

Students are expected to attend school every day. Students absence from school must be notified to the school authorities.

School Operating Hours

7am – 7pm

Instructional Day

Classes 8:30am – 3:00pm

* late school entry is at 8:35am

* Late pick-up is at 3:30pm and additional fees will be charged


See school administrator