Our school’s mission is to provide a safe haven where everyone is valued and respected. All staff members, in partnership with parents and families, are fully committed to students’ college and career readiness. Students are empowered to meet current and future challenges to develop social awareness, civic responsibility, and personal growth. We feel strongly about helping to build leaders that have the ability to succeed in whatever endeavor they undertake. Winning is not always a measure of success. Our students understand the “Win, win” philosophy and use it in their daily life. Common standards keep us focused on learning appropriate content and preparing our students for the future. Last but just as importantly, setting examples for our students of meaningful and lasting relationships will go with them throughout their lifetime. Shefield Montessori School is a nursery and primary school in Ifako-Ijaiye local government area of Lagos State. It is located around Obawole bridge, Ogba. Our Staffs are professionals and are experienced in providing educational knowledge and care to students. We operate a mixed religious belief. While adopting our own unique mission stated in the introduction, we embrace the district mission of providing a safe, disciplined learning environment that empowers all students to develop their full potential. We believe students learn best when actively engaged in the learning process. Education is a collaborative partnership involving school, family, and community.” At Shefield Montessori School, we strive to build lasting relationships among students and staff that encourage open discussion and provide activities that develop our students’ strengths.

Our commitment to education and developing a child includes: Fostering a positive, nurturing learning environment Setting high academic expectation Providing quality teachers Facilitating parent family involvement Our goal is to produce: Compassionate thinkers Visionaries with religious principles Individuals with an appreciation of cultural backgrounds who are equipped to explore and analyze their surrounding environment.